Okean Elzy

Donderdag 23 maart 2023
Ziggo Dome

This famous Ukrainian rock band will perform in Amsterdam on March 23, 2023 at Afas Live as part of the Help for Ukraine tour. Funds collected from the sale of tickets for the concert will be used to help children affected by the war, medical institutions and defenders of Ukraine.

Okean Elzy is one of the most popular Ukrainian rock bands, which is listened to far beyond the borders of their native country. Their music catches and unites, and the unique sound and strong lyrics touch to the core. The group’s concerts are always an emotional event filled with sincerity and love. The musicians have repeatedly conquered the hearts of listeners in Poland, Germany, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia.

“During our tour, of course, we will raise funds for the needs, first of all, of Ukrainian children who suffered during this terrible war. And also to remind the world that Ukrainians today are fighting not only for their country, but also stand guard over democracy, freedom and development of all of Europe, and often the world. We are infinitely grateful to Latvia, whose support we see, know and feel for all Latvians since 2014! Thank you!”  Team leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk shared the main goal of the tour.

About Help for Ukraine Tour and songs

With the beginning of Russia’s barbaric aggression against Ukraine, Okean Elzy began the Help for Ukraine World concert Tour. The main goals of this tour are not only to unite people all over the world to support Ukraine and support Ukrainians scattered by war around the World, but also to collect financial aid for Ukraine and it’s citizens.